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“The Xilinx version, which we were using, didn’t show any critical problems, so it really helped to speed up the development. Overall, EZDMA is a very convenient and easy solution for starting your PCIe application. It contains out of the box demo applications - including hardware development board – and complete software front-end including the driver and the sample API. The FPGA example contains various implementation scenarios – Simple DMA transfer, Scatter-Gather transfer, multiple BARs, Register Read/Writes, Block RAM writes, etc. – so you can pick the part that is close to your own application and have a jump start with it.” - Michail Klimkovic,  R&D Engineer.


  PLDA inside: CB200 camera by Ximea

  • Most recent CMOSIS sensors CMV12000 and CMV20000
  • Robust PCIe and Power/GPIO connectors, slim design
  • Integrated Canon EF-mount control with dynamic aperture and focus control
  • Compact housing: 60 x 60 x 38 mm

5K cameras from XIMEA offer 20 Mpix at 30 fps and 12 MP (Megapixel) model provides 100 fps of 12 bit images via fiberoptic cable.

Camera’s data and control interface is fully compliant with PCI Express External Cabling Specifications, which ensures real data throughput of 1700MB/s.

PCIe x4 Gen2 works on 300m optical cable without any need in frame grabbers and as usual, XIMEA cameras offer extremely low power consumption, consisting of only 4.5W