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The PLDA support team is dedicated to providing quick comprehensive answers to your technical questions, which speeds integration and shortens time to market.

We understand that purchase of a PLDA solution is a sign of trust and that our reputation rides not only on the quality of the physical product, but on the nature of the relationship post installation.

Existing clients have access to the latest product documentation, free product upgrade, and unlimited access to telephone and email support. Potential clients who download a free IP Core Evaluation enjoy the same benefits (with the exception of product upgrades) for a one-month trial period.

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quote The next generation Juno development system now includes PCI Express to enable prototype enterprise-class SoCs. PLDA's support has been vital in bringing this latest revision of the Juno software development platform to fruition. quote



quote PLDA has provided excellent technical support during integration and system verification for our advanced, customized configuration. We have been able to lower our project risks and time to market, thanks to the maturity of PLDA's PCIe IP code. quote

quote Customers will be getting a cost-effective and extremely low-power solution that is designed to meet the needs of today's high-speed interconnect designs coupled with the value that our partner PLDA brings: its expertise, the quality of its product support and great flexibility for the final user quote



quote PLDA is a trusted and valuable partner and we appreciate their excellent product support quote

quote Jova Solutions chose a PLDA PCI Express core after evaluating several other alternatives because it was quite simply cheaper, easier, and came with better support quote

jova solutions


quote PLDA's IP is well supported by their technical staff, and it will be an important element in the ultimate success of our product and the next generation SSD architecture which it embodies quote

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