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GigOptix is a supplier of semiconductor and optical components that enable high speed information streaming and address emerging high growth opportunities in the communications, industrial, defense and avionics industries. The Company offers a broad portfolio of high performance MMIC solutions that enable next generation wireless microwave systems up to 90GHz and drivers, TIAs and TFPS optical modulators for 40G and 100G fiber-optic telecommunications and data-communications networks. GigOptix also offers a wide range of digital and mixed-signal ASIC solutions and enables product lifetime extension through its GigOptix Sunset Rescue Program.

GigOptix focuses on the specification, design, development and sale of analog semiconductor Integrated Circuits (ICs), Multi-Chip Module (MCMs) solutions, polymer modulators, and analog and mixed signal custom ASICs, as well as wireless communications MMICs and modules. GigOptix believes it is an industry leader in the fast growing market for electronic solutions that enable high-bandwidth optical connections found in telecommunications (telecom) systems, data communications (datacom) and storage systems, and, increasingly, in consumer electronics and computing systems.GigOptix's products are capable of performing in various applications demanding a wide range of data processing speeds, from consumer electronics which perform at data processing speeds of 3Gb/s to 10Gb/s to sophisticated ultra-long haul submarine telecommunications systems which require performance at speeds from 10Gb/s to 100Gb/s. Our merger with ChipX Incorporated in December of 2009, allows us to provide our customers a broad offering of value-added ASIC solutions, including Standard Cell, Structured ASIC and Hybrid ASIC technology. GigOptix has unique expertise in PCI Express, USB 2.0, DDR/DDR2 and data conversion mixed-signal cores. Our ASIC products are widely used in industrial applications, medical equipment and defense and aerospace systems.


GigOptix's advanced integrated circuits provide optical communication system manufacturers with precision signal integrity, low power consumption and small form factors that enable the most cost-effective and high-performance systems in the market. Our solutions enable our customers to meet the ever increasing demands for higher bandwidth.


GigOptix leads in high-speed serial and parallel Physical Media Dependent (PMD) ICs. We offer solutions not only for performance-sensitive telecom and data communication applications from 3G to 100G but also for price-sensitive consumer electronics applications. As a fabless company, we select the best semiconductor process for each IC, from exotic compound semiconductor processes to mainstream silicon (all sourced from the highest quality foundries in the world).


We design and manufacture the high speed integrated circuits that connect the optical and electronic domains. Our solutions not only drive the lasers and modulate the light on the transmit side but also amplify signals from the receiving side of the fiber to enable precise and robust end-to-end connectivity in high speed communication systems.


With optical fiber capable of carrying vast amounts of information and electronic systems capable of handling huge bandwidth demands, the engines that connect the two are critical to resolving the bottlenecks at the electrical-optical boundary. GigOptix is committed to providing better cohesion between electronic devices and the fiber and leading the way to an optically connected communications world.

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