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PLDA is the leading supplier of PCIe controller IP solutions, with over 6200 worldwide customers for their PCIe controller IP products and significant industry successes, including a combined PCIe 4.0 Controller and Partner PHY for 16nm process. PLDA has created its Partner Ecosystem to more easily enable selection and integration of complete PCIe controller and PHY solutions, delivering impeccably-designed PCIe solutions as an alternative to traditional, multi-product IP providers.

This approach allows ASIC and SoC designers access to a broader set of PCIe interface options for their projects and because PLDA solely concentrates on PCIe interface and controller solutions, they are ideally positioned to spearhead the creation of this best-in-class PCIe ecosystem.

The PLDA Partner Ecosystem comprises:

 Chosen for their product quality and their enablement of painless product integration. All of the products offered through the PLDA Partner Ecosystem are completely compatible PLDA PCIe Controller IP and fully tested.

  • ASIC Vendors

Strong partnerships with ASIC vendors to reduce time-to-market and integration risks for their projects

PLDA works closely with FPGA partners to ensure that its premium IP products integrate easily with FPGA platforms and technologies

PLDA customers, including the major foundries, have successfully used various processes to tape out products incorporating PLDA IP since 1998. PLDA's support team works closely with customers to ensure a smooth flow at every stage of the product development cycle

PLDA and Verification IP partners (VIP) collaborate to prequalify PCIe IP controller with VIP to enhance the quality of the PCIe solution. The results of these technical collaborations are improved chip design and verification quality, along with an easier and more robust design flow


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