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Pantor Engineering

Pantor Engineering, located in Stockholm, Sweden, recently completed an FPGA-based product based on PLDA boards and IP. Using the PLDA XpressGX4LP FPGA board, Pantor added I/O acceleration to their high-performance trading algorithm execution server. The software/hardware hybrid is able to process transactions with extremely low latency while providing a throughput of hundreds of thousand messages per second. The PLDA-based solution has helped Pantor to decrease the total transaction time by another 2 microseconds.

 Pantor used the PLDA XpressGX4LP FPGA board to enable standardized accelerated network interfaces within their server. PLDA’s XpressGX4LP FPGA board is a low-profile prototyping solution based on the Altera Stratix IV GX FPGA. With its integrated IP, It delivers a complete design environment for applications using PCIe and 10GbE as their main communication interfaces.


Pantor saw PLDA as an experienced design partner in the process, trusting their integration expertise to deliver a finished product. According to Rolf Andersson, CEO of Pantor “PLDA was key in providing advice on the correct FPGA and product configuration for our needs, saving us issues in integration. PLDA is a trusted and valuable partner and we appreciate their excellent product support.”


Pantor FPGA Solution:

XpressGX4LP FPGA board

PCIe IP EZDMA 2 for Altera