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Jova Solutions

"Jova Solutions chose a PLDA PCI Express core after evaluating several other alternatives because it was quite simply cheaper, easier, and came with better support.  We found streaming data to the DMA channels incredibly easy to implement in the FPGA and were up and running on prototype hardware within a week.  PC development went smoothly, and access to our device was achieved in LabView on the first day of testing.“ - Garrick Kremesec, Hardware Engineer. Joya



•Jova Solutions' Image Sensor Lab™ is the most comprehensive, lowest cost test solution for image sensor devices and systems. As a fully integrated,
off-the-shelf, hardware/software test package for image sensors and
camera modules, it provides a full range of interfaces, controls,
advanced image analysis test routines, evaluation, and characterization capabilities in one easy-to-use, low-cost, small-footprint solution.
–Embedded power supplies with V&O Measurement
–Image data capture (32-128MB on-board memory)
–Sensor I2C or SPI communications
–Programmable master clock and digital I/O
–USB 2.0 HS or PCIe connection to host computer