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FPGA solution for servers


Computers, servers and storage combine software, hardware and services that add value by reducing administrative costs and offering high availability and dependability. The rising trend of using a computer for networking, music, photos, videos and connecting with friends and family is transforming the market, challenging designers to implement more sophisticated technologies with improved functionalities.

PLDA delivers a broad portfolio of proven IP and board-level products that address this market by enabling high-performance computing while optimizing the overall system for performance, power and size.

Computers/Servers/Storage applications

  • To help leading storage companies address the booming demand of PCI SSD (Solid State Drive), PLDA enhances the end-to-end data integrity functionality of its PCIe soft IP products and showcases a NVMe demo on its hardware.
  • In this paper, we will explore why designing systems that have been natively built on SR-IOV-enabled hardware may be the most cost-effective way to improve I/O performance and how to easily implement SR-IOV in PCIe devices.
  • XpressK7 combined with a PHY Daughter card is a simple and easy-to-use prototyping platform for ASIC project.
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