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Great River Technology

“Great River Technology needed an interface capable of sustained throughput of 400+MBps for 3 and 4 Gbps ARINC 818 applications, and our MATRIX PCIe4 design has surpassed this. We required a very short design cycle and by utilizing PLDA’s EZ DMA IP Core, we were able to have a working prototype quickly, significantly lowering our time to market.”  - Tim Keller, Director of Marketing. Great River


•Matrix PCIe card supports 500 MBps+ throughput. 
•Suits high-performance ARINC 818 and HOTLink II I/O applications where uninterrupted throughput is needed.
•Matrix series boards are used in systems to test PFD, MFD, HUD cockpit displays; visual and infrared imaging sensors; video concentrators; and map and chart systems. 
•The Matrix series provides a platform for applications up to 4.25 Gbps, and allows for future growth to 6 Gbps.
•Capable of recording or transmitting video at 500 MBps+.  Built with Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA technology. 
•Created for demanding mission-critical video applications and for digital video recorders, simulation and engineering labs, flight test programs and factory test equipment.