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GOWIN Semiconductors

PLDA®, the industry leader in PCI Express® interface IP solutions, today announced that GOWIN Semiconductor, a leading semiconductor company in China, has chosen PLDA’s PCIe ASIC IP for their upcoming FPGA product line. GOWIN offers a broad portfolio of programmable logic devices, design software, intellectual property (IP) cores, reference designs, and development kits.

PCIe is a key protocol for interconnecting system components, as it provides higher throughput and a higher level of reliability than other interface protocols. By embedding PCIe into their programmable chips, FPGA vendors offer this essential function to their customers while optimizing for performance and area. GOWIN chose to partner with PLDA to implement PCIe connectivity in their FPGA product line based on PLDA’s long and successful track record with several of the world’s leading FPGA and SoC silicon vendors. PLDA’s ability to deliver a highly-configurable PCIe ASIC controller for complex chips such as FPGA was key for GOWIN. Some of their specific requirements included:

  • A programmable PCIe interface: GOWIN chose to implement the controller initialization through registers to enable users to change controller configuration at power up.
  • Reporting and test features: XpressRICH3’s AER (Advanced Error Reporting) and side band debug interfaces enabled GOWIN to provide their users with efficient reporting and test features.
  • Custom verification: PLDA’s ability to deliver a number of customized verification environments was key for GOWIN in order to guaranty reliable operation for every use model.
  • PHY interoperability (multi-protocol SerDes): PLDA provided a flexible and easy-to-use PHY test suite supporting any PCIe PHY configuration, allowing thorough PHY verification before integration.

According to Jason Zhu, CEO of GOWIN, “Our partnership with PLDA is already paying off. Embedding PLDA’s PCIe ASIC controller has resulted in flexible, reliable, and cost efficient designs for our valued customer base.”

Arnaud Schleich, CEO of PLDA, added: “We are proud to provide the best of PCIe technology, already highly esteemed by major US FPGA vendors, to one of the new giant FPGA vendors in China. This partnership will contribute to expanding the use of PCIe as a standard protocol in China”