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Flash Memory Summit 2017

Flash Memory Summit


Flash Memory is a key technology enabling new designs for many products in the consumer, computer and enterprise markets

The Flash Memory Summit is the only place where you will hear the people making these products happen! Network with companies and people that will create the next generation of hardware and software at the Flash Memory Summit.

PLDA will present Multi-DMA Virtualization within Virtualized PCIe Systems:

The drastically increasing amount of data to process and the ever-growing number of applications to run in today’s Data Centers require optimal data transfers within virtualized PCIe systems. This presentation will discuss the specifics of virtualized DMA engines when attached to PCIe devices, as well as the technical challenges in fully supporting SR-IOV, ensuring nonblocking and concurrent operations, proposing fair arbitration between Virtual Machines, and guaranteeing Virtual Machine isolation, while achieving best performances in term of throughput and latency.

Convention Center
Santa Clara, CA
United States
08 - Aug - 2017 08am to 10 - Aug - 2017 05pm