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Curtis Wright

"PLDA's digital IP permits simultaneous high-speed data transfer and helps us obtain optimal performance. Our chosen design makes the SFM the market's highest performing Serial FPDP module."
- Jeremy Banks, Marketing Manager. Curtiss-Wright.

•SFM Quad Serial FPDP Modules
–Supports up to 4 simultaneous serial FPDP (VITA 17.1-2003) channels. 
–Separate DMA controllers for each channel. 
–Supports PCI-X data transfers at speeds up to 133MHz and PCI Express via the XMC Connectors and provides the full 2.5 Gbps data rate per channel.
Point-to-point or broadcast communications between remote sensor arrays and processing systems in applications such as:
–Radar / Sonar
–In-flight / Shipboard systems
–Electronic warfare / SIGINT / ELINT / Surveillance
–Real-time imaging / Inspection / Machine vision
–Medical imaging