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PLDA is a fast-paced, market-leading company poised for continued growth in an expanding marketplace. Come join our team of experts, innovators and passionate problem solvers. Collaborate with industry-leading talent, build your expertise, and help us make the things that move the world forward.

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PLDA collaborators' stories

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PLDA is committed to the growth and development of our employees. We firmly believe that investing in the growth of our employees is investing in the future of our company. We are committed to providing training and growth opportunities for all employees. Beside are just a few of the success stories from our team members.

Worldwide Locations

San Jose, California
San Jose, California

US offices are located in the center of the well-known Silicon Valley in the South San Francisco Bay Area. As one of the wealthiest regions in the world, San Jose is a diverse area with an innovative spirit. While it has a distinct downtown, San Jose is a sprawling metro area that is as much defined by its suburban neighborhoods and large tech campuses.

Aix-en-Provence, France

Our headquarters are located at the business center of Aix-en-Provence. It is the sunniest area of the country. As a city of art and culture, Aix possesses a wealth of superb architecture that has been carefully preserved and restored. Aix is surrounded by a countryside full of authentic Provencal houses and traditional French style gardens.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Surrounded by sprawling parkland, Sofia, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Bulgaria, lies at the foot of popular ski mountain, Vitosha. With a history that stretches over seven millennia, ruin-rich Sofia is one of the Europe's oldest cities. Sofia preserves many valuable monuments to its long and storied past and Sofia’s parks are a favorite place for rest and recreation.

Hsinchu, Taiwan

The oldest city in northern Taiwan, Hsinchu is booming, with palatial apartment blocks sprouting among Japanese-era heritage buildings and shabby '70s development. The town center benefits from a handsome grid of canals bordered by shops and restaurants. Out on the coast, Hsinchu has a scenic ocean-side bike path and a harbor with a lively restaurant and cafe scene.

Culture & Values

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Infographic
Freedom of Choice

PLDA has created the wider partners’ interconnect ecosystem, a focused business environment that includes PHY and SERDES providers, Verification IP vendors, and ASIC and FPGA companies. This alliance enables PLDA customers to benefit from a unique freedom of choice in terms of technologies, features, verification tools, process nodes and design processes.

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A Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated team offers to our customers different levels of support, including premium support with a promised response within 1 business day.

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High Level of Customization

We strive to understand client requirements, review their architecture choices, propose design optimizations, and assist them with critical implementation details. We customize our interconnect solutions by adding new features based on demand.

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Fusion of Talents

Key to our sustainable growth, innovation is the manifestation of collaborative qualities and the fusion of talents. Our cultural diversity is an asset to create, innovate and undertake. We cultivate our openness to new ideas and initiative.

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High Level of Research & Development

25% of our turnover is invested in Research and Development. We proactively develop emerging protocols that have not yet been adopted such as PCIe 5.0, Gen-Z, and CXL. PLDA were the first IP Vendor to pass PCI-SIG PCIe 4.0 compliance tests. 

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Innovative Tools Creation

We develop innovative tools to improve our own validation and verification process internally. This results in innovative products that directly respond to markets’ expectations. For example, we developed the first PCIe host device supporting PCIe 4.0 speed. We designed an innovative interposer for diagnostic testing, enabling validation engineers to instantly diagnose issues with their PCIe devices, without the need for expensive test equipment.

Team Spirit
Happy Coffee Picture
Happy Coffees

We regularly organize meetings called “Happy Coffees” with all PLDA’s teams to exchange information with colleagues and improve our culture, processes and communication. This meeting brings together all co-workers once a month for a breakfast around a specific business topic. Reinventing and thinking together are the keywords of these events.

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Events & Activities

Social Events and activities during the break allow us to reinforce Team Building. In the offices and around the area, there is the possibility of having access a wide range of activities to be carried out during the lunch break such as cross-fit, running, bodybuilding. In the offices, employees also have access to leisure activities such as video games, virtual reality games, and ping pong. Every year, we plan events such as barbecues, pancake parties, paintball, and others so all the teams can meet, exchange, and have a good time together.

PLDA Team Picture

A collaborative project makes it possible to overcome all obstacles. Working together, our teams reinforce the innovation potential of the organization, in terms of products, services and processes. PLDA enables each of its engineers to integrate a skills center in which he or she can interact with peers.

PLDA, an Engineering Company


PLDA is an engineering and technology company 100% focused on high end innovative projects. 

Engineers have the opportunity to come and develop exciting projects highly expected by the semiconductor industry, enabling them to:

  • apply and improve their skills to innovative projects
  • develop new concepts in many different fields
  • discover and learn future technologies
  • develop their project management skills providing top-level expertise on customer projects

Our Promise

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Working at the edge of technology

The greatest companies around the world rely on PLDA tools to design high-performance chips for amazing things like autonomous vehicles, smart homes, and machines that learn.

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Investment in your development

When your career grows, we grow as a company. That’s why we give you the opportunity to try new things, attend training, work on different projects or even work in different countries. 

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World class perks and benefits

We offer competitive compensation packages and excellent benefits including a group retirement savings plan with company-matched contributions, supplementary health coverage and a sunny climate.