INSPECTOR™ v2.2 released !

PLDA’s INSPECTOR diagnostic and debug tool for PCIe 4.0 ​that successfully passed the PCIe 4.0 PCI-SIG compliance has two new major features:

  • Analog monitoring: The Inspector V2.2 allows now to measure in live the DUT power consumption (3.3V / 12V) and the Inspector temperature. These indications are displayed using dynamic and easily readable charts. This can help SDDs vendors to quickly characterize the impact of PCI-Express low power modes or high throughputs for example.

  • DUT Configuration Space Viewer: This new feature allows the direct interaction of the user with the PCI-Express configuration space of the Interposer and the Device Under Test. They are easily explorable and can be directly modified through the Inspector interface. All the displayed values are automatically translated in human-readable properties, to clearly identify the current configurations.

More information:

You can access more information about Inspector for PCIe 4.0:



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