PLDA Introduces a Complete Line of PCIe® IP for USB4®, Enabling PCIe Support in USB4 Hubs, Hosts and Devices

PLDA, the leading developer of high-speed interconnect silicon IP, today announced the launch of a new, complete line of PCIe Controller IP products specifically tailored for use in USB4 ICs. PLDA’s PCIe product line for USB4 allows designers to implement internal PCIe devices in their USB4 ASIC designs, resulting in reduced latency and power consumption. This provides a step forward in design methodology for applications including:

  • USB4 hubs for PC and automotive
  • USB4 hosts in PCs, laptops, gaming, TV and other chipsets
  • USB device adapters including USB4 to NVMe, USB4 to Audio/Video, USB4 eGPU and USB4 to Ethernet.

The USB4 specification introduces protocol tunneling, which allows transport of USB3, DisplayPort, and PCIe traffic over the USB4 interconnect, and provides up to 40 Gbps of aggregate bandwidth for improved performance. 

PLDA’s line of PCIe controller IP for USB4 includes the XpressSWITCH for USB4, designed specifically to implement the PCIe switch logic required in USB4 Hubs. XpressSWITCH for USB4 offers the following features:

  • Embedded multi-port switch with PIPE-attached internal Endpoints, In-the-flow processing, Peer-to-peer, Broadcast and Multicast
  • Low Power features, including ASPM L1, L2, Independent clock domains, clock and power gating
  • Reliability, Availability and Serviceability features with AER, ECRC, LCRC, ECC, Parity, DPC, eDPC and Hotplug

According to Stephane Hauradou, CTO of PLDA “With the inclusion of PCIe tunneling support in the USB4 specification, PCIe is uniquely positioned to offer a reliable and performance-optimized interface to USB designers. PLDA has a long history of delivering PCI-SIG compliant and silicon-proven PCIe IP solutions that deliver the reliability and performance our clients have come to expect.”

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Event date: Monday, April 19, 2021

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