Don't miss the PLDA Gen-Z IP Demonstration at Supercomputing 2019

Come and meet the PLDA Team at Supercomputing 2019 in Colorado on November 19-20-21! We are proud to be hosted on the Gen-Z consortium booth (#789) to present the first PLDA-designed demo of a Gen-Z Spec 1.0 Controller

Our goal is to introduce Gen-Z awesome particularities such as:

  • Host-to-host communication
  • Memory sharing

You will discover it with the following setup:

  • 2 SoC-FPGA boards connected via Gen-Z over fiber
  • Host X can access Host Y memory content via Gen-Z IP Core and vise-versa
  • Hot-plug demo by connecting/disconnecting the fiber
  • We will be happy to see you at the booth (#789) to share more!



Tags: Gen-Z

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