Academic Path:

Engineering degree from Grenoble INP - PHELMA, Signal Image Communication and Multimedia (SICOM) course

Following my scientific baccalaureate, I studied Physics and Science of Engineering (PSI) in a Preparatory Class at the Grandes Ecoles for two years. As I was interested in the fields of electronics and computer science, I then joined Grenoble INP - Phelma engineering school where I pursued the Signal Image Communication & Multimedia course, from which I graduated in 2017.

How did you come to join PLDA?

I joined PLDA for my Final Year Project (FYP - 6 months) after applying for an internship entitled 'development of analytical tools for automated verification processes'. Following this internship PLDA offered me a one-year contract to pursue DevOps within the company (a post they created for me).

Job Role and Tasks

The tasks I carry out for this role are very varied, and include:

• Identifying the issues and weaknesses of the different teams in the company (R & D, IT, Field, Management) and the resulting requirements in order to optimize the development flow of PLDA products.

• Defining relevant technical solutions, and evaluating their feasibility in collaboration with future users, thus providing the most advanced technical expertise for the solution.

• Implementing and deploying these solutions in collaboration with the users.

• Developing in-house tools, providing ongoing support for the solutions developed, and finally monitoring their use in order to continually improve them.

This position allows me to work on various different projects such as:

• Implementing analytical tools for automated verification processes that enable verification teams to save time and allow management to have more control over the testing process. I developed these tools in Python using the Django Framework. To develop the tool GUIs, I had to familiarize myself with HTML and CSS.

• Updating and enhancing IP Wizards: IP Wizards are configuration wizard that enable clients to configure their IP and generate the RTL file associated with their configuration. For this project, I coded in Java under Eclipse. These configuration wizards must be updated for each IP release in order to reflect the new features/fixes of the IP. As well as updating the various Wizards, I also identified axes of improvement, and integrated these into the Wizards.

Opinion of PLDA 

PLDA allowed me to fully develop during my internship and my first professional experience. PLDA opened a position for me after my internship, demonstrating the confidence they have in their young recruits. My work duties mean I am able to work internationally with teams located in Bulgaria and in the USA, which has allowed me to experience many different facets of the business. I feel fully integrated into the company and its success.