Academic Path:

Engineering degree from the university of technology of Belfort Montbéliard -  Embedded Software and Mobile System.

Following my scientific baccalaureate, I studied Software Development and Digital Imaging for two years at the University Institute of Technology (Institut Universitaire de Technologie - IUT) for two years. Then I joined Université de Technologie de Belfort Montbéliard engineering school where I took the Embedded Software and Mobile System course from which I graduated in 2010.

How did you come to join PLDA?

Through an ad on LinkedIn, I chose to apply for a job offer for a Software Developer position within the company PLDA. I applied to this offer first of all because the size of the company is interesting. Indeed, because it is a mid-sized company, we have the possibility to take some initiatives, in order to improve its development. The position that PLDA offered allowed me to see different aspects and to approach many different subjects. A position at PLDA also means a lot of diversity and freedom in the missions offered, which allows you to acquire a certain versatility. PLDA had clearly shown a will to develop the software activity.  

So I was hired for this position in 2018. 

What is your current job focus?

As a software engineer, the tasks I carry out for this role are very varied, and consist in developing and maintaining the PLDA PCIe Express drivers for Linux and Windows, identifying the software needs for the new protocols implemented by the PLDA's teams. I also have to identify the issues and weaknesses of the different teams in the company (R&D, IT, Field, Management) and the resulting requirements in order to optimize the development flow of PLDA products. One of the other aspects of my daily work is to develop internal tools, to provide continuous support to the developed solutions, and finally to monitor their use in order to continuously improve them.

What do you like about working for PLDA ?

As a mid-sized company, PLDA offers good opportunities to develop new ideas and improve the way of working continuously. PLDA does not hesitate to give responsibilities quickly to make your contribution. PLDA is also a friendly company, allowing me to spend quality time with my co-workers.