Educational Background: 

Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering, specialized in Embedded Systems at Polytech Nice-Sophia

How did you join PLDA? 

I discovered PLDA in a Job Forum hosted by Polytech Nice-Sophia. At that time, I was looking for a job as a Verification Engineer. My profile fitted well with PLDA’s goal of consolidating their Verification Team. After 2 years in Verification, I joined the Soft IP design team.

What is your current job focus? 

I am currently an Engineer in electronic design. I specialize in IP Core product evolution, working with many different contributors: The customer, the sales team, the Management team, the product manager, and the support team. I am in charge of VHDL implementation  for the IP and the module, and for validation tests and verification of the binary code in conjunction with the Verification team. In the prototyping and validation phases, I oversee programming the FPGA and debugging the test platforms. Two years ago, when I was in the verification team, I helped set up a verification plan that was adapted to specific product parameters, combined with the established verification norms and protocols. It was a crucial work because the verification flow requires a great deal of input. I also built a verification environment in Verilog or System Verilog for the simulation, which performed tests scenarios.

What do you like about working for the PLDA GROUP? 

PLDA is a friendly company. The working atmosphere is relaxed and my co-workers are pleasant and easy to get along with. Employee welfare and a healthy balance between work and lifestyle is a priority for our Management teams. As an example, there are many athletic people here and I joined PLDA’s Trail Running team. From a business perspective, we regularly learn new skills because we are exposed to so many different fields of electronic design. The advantage to working in mid-sized company like PLDA is we are given responsibility quickly and can rapidly advance in our careers.