PLDA Announces Industry’s First Controller for FPGA supporting PCIe® 4.0 v0.9, Allowing immediate PCIe 4.0 implementation into FPGAs

SAN JOSE, Calif., September 11, 2017 -- PLDA, the industry leader in PCI Express® interface IP solutions, today announced the availability of the industry’s first PCIe soft IP solutions to support PCIe® 4.0, rev 0.9 on FPGA. PLDA’s XpressRICH4™ and XpressRICH4-AXI™ IP solutions bring a track record of proven reliability, with many ASICs and SoCs already in production.  
PLDA PCIe 4.0 soft IP solutions now support the latest features made mandatory as part of the PCIe 4.0 Specification, including support of EIEOS.
In addition, PLDA PCIe 4.0 Soft IPs for Virtex Ultrascale+ have been validated at 16 GT/s in hardware on an early PCIe 4.0 x86-powered platform with end-to-end DMA traffic. These tests demonstrated PLDA PCIe 4.0 IPs running with the maximum achievable throughput over PLDA's PCIe 3.0 to PCIe 4.0 transparent switch.

Don't miss the opportunity to meet our team, see our demos, and learn about our PCIe 4.0 solutions at TSMC OIP Santa clara (September 13) and IP SoC Shanghai (September 14)

About PLDA XpressRICH4:

PLDA’s XpressRICH4 is a highly configurable PCIe 4.0 interface soft IP supporting endpoint, root port, switch, bridge and advanced features such as SR-IOV, multi-function, data protection (ECC, ECRC), ATS, TPH, AER and more.

About PLDA XpressRICH4-AXI:

PLDA’s XpressRICH4-AXI is an enterprise class PCIe 4.0 interface soft IP with configurable AMBA AXI3/AXI4 user interfaces and high-performance DMAs, address translation, ordering rules observance, ECAM, data protection (ECC, ECRC). With SR-IOV, 6 BARs+ EPROM and Open interrupt interface supports, it enables NVM Express and SATA Express implementation.

About PLDA XpressSWITCH:

XpressSWITCH is a customizable, Embedded PCIe Switch designed for ASIC and FPGA implementations enabling the connection of one upstream port and multiple downstream ports with a large choice of configurations. It enables PCIe 3.0 to PCIe 4.0 switch

About PLDA Inspector:

Inspector is a PCI Express 4.0 Host Platform for diagnostic and performance tuning of PCIe 4.0 silicon, devices,and software. It enables to diagnose PHY and link issues pre-L0 and post-L0, test your lane margining circuitry, verify and tune the performance of your PCIe 4.0 devices in a x86 environment

About PLDA

PLDA has been successfully delivering PCI and PCI Express IP for more than 20 years. With over 6,200 licenses, PLDA has established a vast customer base and the world’s broadest PCIe ecosystem. PLDA has maintained its leadership over four generations of PCI Express specifications, enabling customers to reduce risk and accelerate time to market for their ASIC and FPGA based designs. PLDA provides a complete PCIe solution with its IP cores, FPGA boards for ASIC prototyping, PCIe BFM/testbench, PCIe drivers and APIs. PLDA is a global company with offices in North America (San Jose, California), Asia (Taiwan) and Europe (France, Italy, Bulgaria).

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