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PLDA PCIe 3.0 with AXI interface (XpressRICH3-AXI) is a high performance, highly-configurable PCI Express interface IP compliant to the PCI Express rev.3.0 specification. PLDA XpressRich3 inherits the leading architecture and reliability of PLDA's previous generations of PCI Express interface IP and features an AXI user interface with built-in DMA, compliant to the AMBA AXI3 and AXI4 specifications.
Low Profile PCIe Gen3 form factor Virtex-7 based x1/x2/x4/x8 low profile PCIe 3.0 FPGA board (high speed parallel processing, low latency networking): 5 x 10 Gbecapable, featuring DDR3 (2 x 4 GB), QDR2+ (2 x 144 Mbits) and including QuickPCIe IP
FPGA solution for servers Computers/Servers/Storage

Computers, servers and storage combine software, hardware and services that add value by reducing administrative costs and offering high availability and dependability. The rising trend of using a computer for networking, music, photos, videos and connecting with friends and family is transforming the market, challenging designers to implement more sophisticated technologies with improved functionalities.

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Test and Measurement

All markets require complete testing and measurement to ensure compliance with industry standards and rigid customer design specifications.

At PLDA, we provide the IP and board-level products to enable complete test and measurement solutions for industries including:

  • Electronic applications  - Oscilliscopes, signal analyzers, BERT, power analyzers, noise measurement and analysis and logic analyzers
  • Scientific equipement - Spectroscopy, electrophoresis, chromotography and crystallography
  • Silicon testing - Logic testing, memory testing and mixed-signal testing
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FPGA solution for avionics application Avionics

Avionics systems benefit from the integration provided by multicore SoCs and FPGAs, as the industry strives to provide safer, lighter and feature-rich aircraft. For commonly needed functionality, semiconductor SoC, ASIC and FPGA products are providing the functionality required for advanced and mission critical applications while maintaining their inherent flexibility.

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FPGA in finance Finance

FPGAs, SoCs and ASICs enable flexible, scalable, customized high-performance computing solutions for financial applications. Because the ability to process in parallel is inherent in the FPGA architecture, it is ideal for high-throughput processing and the software acceleration required for high bandwidth financial applications.

PLDA IP and board-level products provide support for the high speed parallel and serial connectivity standards and help fuel the convergence of speed and reliability required by the financial industry.

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FPGA and ASIC solutions for Military market Government/Military

Government and military applications are characterized by a need for reliability and security, within a wide range on temperatures and in the most hostile environments.

PLDA's line of IP products, system-on-module and FPGA boards provide proven designs optimized for extreme temperature and performance and and high reliability. Our products are easy to integrate and conform to the needs of specialized military designs.

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FPGA solutions in medical imaging Medical Imaging

Medical imaging technology is rapidly advancing, driven by innovation in semiconductor products enabling the need for higher-resolution imagery and faster data throughputs.

PLDA IP and board-level products help enable the creation of medical imaging ICs by providing highly flexible and easy-to-integrate interconnect technologies such as PCIe, Ethernet and TCP/IP. PLDA IP is at the heart of semiconductor technologies powering CT scanners, ultrasound systems, endoscopy devices, MRI equipment and X-ray systems, helping to deliver the reliable and fast results required for optimized patient care.

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